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Universal Studios Orlando Holdiay Happenings –

I know that most blogs that you read from Our Laughing Place Travel are Disney orienteuniversald. I’ve decided, since we can help travelers with Universal Studios, as well, that I would write about the park’s great holiday happenings.

Unlike Disney World, Universal’s Halloween extravaganza is not for children and those looking for a “Not So Scary” event. “Halloween Horror Nights 24” takes place at Universal Studios and is not for the faint at heart! It consists of 8 haunted houses. I’m sure you will recognize walking deadsome of the house names, such as Halloween, Walking Dead: End of the Line, Alien vs. Preditor, From Dusk til Dawn and Dracula. These attractions pretty much let you know what to expect behind the doors. However, some of the haunts are not so easily the purgedetermined. In one house, Dollhouse of the Damned, you will be chased and mentally tortured by soulless dolls. If your greatest fear is clowns, you will want to stay clear of Giggles and Gore.

As you walk along the paths from house to house, you will be haunted throughout the streets, too. Universal has four themed streets. The Purge, Face Off, Bayou of Blood and MASKerade.  They are all to have you running and screaming for mercy!  I would pack a pair of extra pants! Continue reading Universal Studios Orlando Holdiay Happenings –