Disneyland! Mickey and the Magical Map

Videopolis in DisneylandThe Fantasyland Theatre opened as Videopolis in 1985.  Videopolis was the place to see shows during the day and dance to music at night.  The venue changed gears in 2009 when it was re-named Fantasyland Theatre.  Now it will see another change.  Mickey and the Magical Map is the newest show getting ready to  open in Disneyland.  The opening is set for summer 2013.  The Fantasyland Theatre is being refurbished for this new show.  Today’s new technology merges well with the traditional outdoor  feeling at this theatre.  This will be a welcome transition.

Disneyland’s Mickey and the Magical Map Show

Disneyland  Mickey and the Magic Map MapmakersDisney released details about this fun show today.  Do you remember Yen Sid?  He was the wise sorcerer in the movie Fantasia.  He is back in this new Disneyland show.  In the show Yen Sid appears in his amazing workshop.  He begins to tell a story about a map.  The magical map has the powers to take dreamers anywhere they want to go.  His helpers are the mapmakers.  Yen Sid set them to work painting this map.  The map takes up the entire stage.  This is an amazing ensemble of male and female performers.  You will hear amazing voices.  You will see dances that interpret the strokes of magical pain brushes that create the map.  There will be acrobatics, too!  They all help Mickey bring magical worlds to life!

Mickey and the Magical Map Disneyland Disney NewsOf course, Mickey has a dream.  He really wants to be more than an apprentice.  He is watching the mapmakers and decides to help.  Mickey picks up a paintbrush to paint the one spot on the map that is empty.  It seems to be an innocent moment.  Mickey soon discovers how magic this map really is!  This is not an ordinary map.  Mickey starts on an amazing adventure!  This new show will push storytelling to a new Disney level.  Disney has a way of taking old tales and freshening them up.  This is no different.

I guess we will have to schedule a trip to Disneyland to see how the show ends!